Hyperbolic is the Mayor of Tiese, and is Parin's grandfather. With his old age, he has become extremely forgetful, even forgetting what happened 5 seconds ago. Edit

Before the events of GuruminEdit

Hyperbolic had supposedly lived in Tiese for all his life. Sometime in his youth, Hyperbolic also passed through the hole in the wall, and made it through to Monster Village. However, he told nobody else of this discovery. He then also pulled out the Drill from it's resting place, and used it to slay the legendary dragon, Tokaron. Some years after that, he settled down, had a family, and was elected mayor.


When Parin was sent to Tiese as her parents were called abroad, she stayed at Hyperbolic's house. While around town, Hyperbolic will usually give Parin clues about Platinum medals, tell Parin about the goings on in town, or just ramble on about life.