Monster Village is a small village of houses, based at the other side of a hole in the wall which connects Monster
Monster village

Monster Village and its citizens, as it were before the Phantom attack

Village and the human town, Tiese. Monster Village is home to all things monster. However, the only monsters around, and therefore the only residents are Puku, Pino, Poco, Chucky, Pierre, Pierre's Dove Francois and Rocko.

Before the events of GuruminEdit

Monster Village was a thriving place. The house windows were comically shaped as eyes of a haunted house. Only a rare few Humans have ever discovered the village, as you wouldn't normally crawl through a small hole in the wall, which Hyperbolic, the mayor of the town, has always been meaning to fix.


Parin first discovered Monster Village after saving Pino from Puchi. As a thank you for saving her, Pino leads Parin through the hole in the wall, which is a mysterious portal into Monster Village. There, she received a warm welcome from all the monsters. But after a visit to the Potato Ruins, she comes back to find a
Destroyed Village

Parin looks on at the destroyed village

completely destroyed village, looking as if it was just hit by a nuclear warhead. However, with the help of Parin clearing several areas outside the village and removing the dark mists, Monster Village slowly regained their precious furniture, which Parin finds on her adventures, and slowly rebuilt into an even better village.

Notable humans to visit Monster VillageEdit

Only a few humans have ever been to, or even heard of Monster Village. These humans are: