Outfits are typically unlocked by completing certain challenges and can be equipped by going to the armoire on the second floor of Hyperbolic's house. There are a total of 18 different outfits that Parin can wear, although two rely on the system date to be set within a certain range, and one is purchased for a large amount of Pockles.

Several outfits have a corresponding headgear item, which can be seen in the table below. When both are equipped, Parin will say different phrases during combat and when opening chests. (Please note that Popon cannot wear different outfits or equip headgear.)

List of OutfitsEdit

Outfit Name How to Obtain Corresponding Headgear
Normal Clothes Parin starts the game with this outfit. Goggles
Maid Outfit Purchase from vending machine in Shadow Grotto for base price of 65,500 Pockles. Maid Hat
Kimono   Set system date to January 1st to January 7th.
Santa Outfit Set system date to December 25th to December 31st.
Monkey Suit Get the good ending on Beginner difficulty. Monkey Hat
Pajamas Get the good ending on Normal difficulty. Nightcap
Chinese Dress Get the good ending on Hard diffculty. Hair Buns
Leopard Suit Get the good ending on Crazy difficulty. Headdress
School Uniform Get the good ending on Happy difficulty. Cat Ears
Armor Give 30 Gold Medals to Hyperbolic on Beginner difficulty. Gas Mask
Princess Dress Give 30 Gold Medals to Hyperbolic on Normal difficulty. Crown
Vampire Outfit Give 30 Gold Medals to Hyperbolic on Hard difficulty. Vampire Kit
Samurai Outfit Give 30 Gold Medals to Hyperbolic on Crazy difficulty. Samurai Helm
Witch Outfit Give 30 Gold Medals to Hyperbolic on Happy difficulty. Ribbon
Workout Gear Clear Boss Rush on Beginner/Normal difficulty. Headband
Work Uniform Clear Boss Rush on Hard difficulty. Helmet
Swimsuit Clear Boss Rush on Crazy difficulty.
Nurse Outfit Clear Boss Rush on Happy difficulty.

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