Parin is the default and canonical name of the main protagonist of Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure, and is the only character that the player controls.

Parin in her standard clothing, bearing a Drill and wearing Goggles

Parin is an adventurous twelve-year-old girl with a kind (though sometimes sarcastic) personality and she is also one of the cutiest and nicest videogames female characters.

Before the events of GuruminEdit

Her parents are famous archeologists who excavate ancient ruins. As a young child, Parin joined them on their adventures. However, when her parents made plans to go abroad, they decided she needed a more stable home. And so, Parin was sent by steam locomotive to her grandfather, Hyperbolic.


When she arrived in the sleepy mining town of Tiese, Parin was disappointed to hear that she was the only child in town. As she began to explore her new home, she discovered a dog barking at a little girl. She had finally found a friend! But her new friend had a secret...

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