Popon is a secret playable character in Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure. She makes her first appearance in Tiese Town after you complete the game once and start a New Game+. However you'll have to beat the game in Beginner, Normal, Hard, and Happy difficulty to be able to switch between her and Parin.
Popon (2)


Popon is a young girl who is around the same age as Parin. She has blonde/yellow twin ponytails tied with pink, red, and green beads. Her outfit consists of a blue and white dress with a green button and pink ribbon, white gloves, and white and brown shoes.


Popon plays exactly like Parin, one difference is that Popon wields a sword instead of drill. While doing a spin attack in-game she sometimes calls it her "dragon slayer." Another difference is that Popon cannot equip any gear.

Unfortunately, Popon has no special dialogue other than talking to Parin when switching between the two. In cutscenes she shares both Parin's voice and dialogue.