A Sentry in front of the passage in Shadow Grotto.

A Sentry is an immobile being that exists in the monster world to guard different locations. A Sentry consists of a skeletal spinal column supporting a horned and fanged skull, as well as a leathery cape attached to a pair of crossbones. There are multiple Sentry posts, and they are presumably all sentient, as they will interact with Parin, typically requiring her to complete a certain task before they will open the gate they guard. If Parin repeatedly interacts with them, or fails to complete the task, the Sentry will ask if she understands the task, and sometimes will offer to give Parin a hint in exchange for Pockles.

Sentry LocationsEdit

  • Potato Ruins - Mile Palace
  • Potato Ruins - Kilometer Path (7 Sentries)
  • Spinach Caverns - Shadow Grotto
  • Radish Woods - Bats' Hideaway
  • Pimento Mountain - Dragon's Back
  • Eggplant Caverns - Amethyst Road


  • Any Sentry will respond with "You may pass." after Parin completes their task, except for the six password-giving Sentries in Mile Palace, which Parin will no longer be able to interact with.