Tiese Town

Official artwork of Tiese Town.

Tiese Town is the small mining town in which Parin lives for the duration of the game. It has a variety of useful locations and inhabitants that Parin can interact with. Importantly, Tiese Town also has a special gate to the world of monsters, that Parin, being the only human child in Tiese, can pass through.

According to an in-game book left by Parin's father titled "Cities of the World", Tiese Town's description reads: "Most residents work in the nearby mine. Railways once used to haul ore now carry curious visitors to this tiny town. Could Tiese be the next big tourist attraction? Rumors of monsters appearing in the area have also piqued people's interest."


Secret PassageEdit

This crack on the wall just up the stairs outside of Hyperbolic's house leads to the to the monster world, which exits directly into Monster Village. Only Parin can enter this passage, and is the only one that acknowledges its existence (outside of the monsters).

Hyperbolic's HouseEdit

This large two-story house owned by Hyperbolic is also where Parin lives for the duration of the game. An important point of interest inside the house is the armoire on the second floor, which Parin can use to change into different costumes she has unlocked.

Fan Cute CakesEdit

This small cake shop, run by Fan, provides a small assortment of consumable snacks that Parin can purchase using Pockles. These snacks are useful, as they are one of the only ways to quickly restore Parin's HP when on an adventure.

Disk's ShopEdit

This shop, operated by Disk, provides Parin with two separate services. Parin can buy new headgear from Disk in exchange for Pockles, which she can then wear. Additionally, the shop offers an upgrade service, in which Disk will level up Parin's headgear in exchange for Junk.



Parin's grandfather, who owns the house in which Parin is staying. Hyperbolic once lived here with his late wife, whose name is never mentioned in the game, although she is referred to numerous times. Parin can talk to Hyperbolic (who stays directly outside the house) and trade Medals she collects in exchange for new headgear or for Pockles. There are 3 headgears.


A middle-aged woman who wanders around Tiese, she will often provide interesting tidbits of information about the town and its inhabitants. Later in the game, when Parin finds Mystery Bags while on adventures, upon talking to Pamela she will offer to open them for Parin (to which Parin has no choice).


A miner who wanders around Tiese town, he often makes or implies advances on Fan and Parin (despite her being only twelve). He is a smoker, whose fallen cigarette caused an explosion three years before Parin arrived in Tiese, while attempting to save the dog, Puchi. Cylinder sells several drill parts to Parin in exchange for Pockles, which unlock new special abilities. He also sells consumable items for powering up Parin's drill. Cylinder is also an animal lover but you may not look it.


A woman who operates a cake shop in Tiese. Never leaving from behind the counter, she will chat with Parin and offer to sell her a small assortment of consumables in exchange for Pockles, which can restore Parin's HP instantly while on an adventure.


A glasses-wearing man who operates the general shop in Tiese. He offers information, as well as selling Parin headgear in exchange for Pockles, or upgrading her headgear in exchange for Junk.


A dog, who wanders around Tiese. Saved by Cylinder as a puppy within the mines, but this incident also lead to a powder explosion. Puchi was the one Pino was barking and introduced to Parin.


  • Despite Hyperbolic owning the house, other inhabitants of Tiese will freely walk in and out of the house.