This page is intended to be a hub for projects on Gurumin Wiki that need work, be that filling in of missing information, addition of pictures, or even entire pages that need to be created. These are sorted simply into "High Priority" and "Low Priority" lists.

High PriorityEdit

  • Characters - Big issue with multiple options. Regardless, current stub pages need to either be deleted or added to/flushed out.
    • Option 1: Individual page for each character - The wiki is currently an amalgam of this an Option 3. Normally, this option makes sense, however, there is very little information about most of the characters in Gurumin, so Option 2 or 3 may be the best choice.
    • Option 2: One individual "Characters" page that lists every single character and all of their information. Could possibly link to individual pages for primary characters like Parin and the Phantoms. However, this runs the risk of inconsistency and disorganization.
    • Option 3: Characters sorted by location/affiliation. Currently, the Wiki has an entry for Tiese Town, which lists all of the inhabitants. The same could be done for Monster Village, with a separate page for the Phantoms. This would cover essentially every character in the game, but this would require a separate "Characters" page with links to these entires.
  • Gameplay - Needs to be created. Content should include: basic controls, overall game objectives, special abilities, use of items/equipment, etc
  • FAQ - Needs to be created. Should include frequently asked questions (self-explanatory)

Low PriorityEdit

  • Modding - Unfinished; Needs a complete list of the tools used for extracting files, modifying/manipulating them, and how to recompile them into the game. Needs to be very careful to not violate any legal obligations.
  • Wiki logo/main page linkback - Will be handled if my adoption request is approved. -ExodusC (talk) 16:04, June 15, 2013 (UTC)